World tour delayed because of late flight

The Groovy Troopers see their world tour delayed because of a single late flight. Can they overcome the false start or is it all lost for good?

When the South African band got the news that they were going on a world tour to reach their farthest-living fans everyone was excited. Years of jamming and musical creation had finally paid off. After months of preparation, they were ready to board their first journey out of South Africa only to remain grounded because their flight got late.

From rags to almost riches

Small bands depend on their loyal fans. Their support fuels the artists’ musical endeavors and most of the times it is enough until their favorite musicians make it to the big scene. Nowadays, it is difficult to reach a big enough audience if you never get to play live in front of them.

So, when the Groovy Troopers received funding and backing for a world tour, it seemed that the world was not as big and frightening as it seemed. This first trip outside South Africa should have been their initial step to becoming a world-renowned, mainstream band.

Unexpected delay and confusion

People get excited to travel from one city to another whether it is by car, train or boat. Airborne travel is even more thrilling especially when you are about to journey the entire world. Receiving the news that you have to remain on the ground because your flight is late is heartbreaking.

The American Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that more than 78% of the flights in a single year have delays. Every minute that a plane is not on schedule it is a loss for both the passengers and the airline companies. Everybody loses money, and few of the people missing their flights because of these situations get any compensation in return.

The Groovy Troopers saw this flight delay as a bad omen to their world tour. Some of the band members even called for a complete cancellation to the entire journey. If it wouldn’t have been for all the fans waiting for them in various corners of the world, maybe they would have given up altogether.

Back on track

Minutes felt like hours and hours felt like years. As time dragged on, the lack of communication from the airline company became even more disturbing. There were many things at stake because of this delayed flight.

First of all, in terms of logistics, the band and their entourage were missing their traveling connections. Secondly, they also had to delay their shows and disappoint some of their fans. Last, but not least, they were losing significant money from their funding with every single second that they remained on the ground.

Finally, a silver lining dispersed the clouds of confusion. With the help of professionals, they managed to claim their flight delay compensations without too much hassle. In a short period, they were back on track and ready to entertain their fans on a much-expected world tour.