XSI and WildMonkeys rocked Mandala Project so hard in 2013 that we decided to get them back for more in 2014 … especially after we heard their kick-ass new album! [In case you haven’t heard, we’ll be distributing copies of XSI album to the first lucky 800 Troopers through the gate!] What’s more, this time, we decided to notch up the groove by hosting their label mates and side-projects Bionix and Stryker too. So if the United Beats sound blew your socks off last year, this year you can expect a full-course buffet… and a more evolved and driving sound from this awesome label!

Hailing from France, XSI, Wild Monkeys, Bionix, Stryker represent the complete spectrum of full-on – from the wildest to the smoothest! XSI are the best known – with three acclaimed albums, dozens of festival gigs and a score of releases with psytrance luminaries such as Talamasca behind their name – they deliver pumping underground full-on that never disappoints! Wild Monkeys is a funkier flavour of raw psy/electro fusion, which Bionix complements perfectly with their smooth psy grooves. It’s like an aural full-on smorgasbord, with Stryker (the latest addition to the crew) adding a funky, but deliciously psychedelic aperitif! All in all, it’s a sweet mix … and to add to the deal, these United Beats crew members all have solid and well deserved international reputations for delivering block-rocking psytrance that leaves crowds breathless and wanting more!