Trooping the Groove is celebrating the freedom to come together, to play and to experience life at its fullest. Our mission is to celebrate contemporary psy-culture as a site of vibrant countercultural spirituality and material production.

Appropriating Hakim Bey’s concept of the Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ), we define what we do as the creation of free enclaves. For us it’s about more than merely creating sites of escapist vacation; rather we are concerned with creating spaces for participation and collective sensation. We invite you come together and be yourselves … to stand, for one long and extended moment, on a bit of land ruled only by freedom!

The Troopers believe that liberty and self-determination are possible. Building productions that merge dance and idea, we create animated spaces where visual artistry and music can weave together with the energy of dancing and celebration to create experiences of bliss. As light-hearted chimeras, we offer windows into luminous worlds that belong to both the imagination and to an intuitive wisdom that arises straight from the body.

Drawing our ammo straight from the heart of the cosmic beat, the Troopers uphold a culture of participation, fluidity, and insurrection.  Our events represent a transient flowing together, a self-directed act of resistance against apathy and conformity.  A TAZ, by definition, is continuously unfolding, always on the move, forever spiraling around the gyre.  Our free enclaves, once manifested, resist easy definition.


… they are both hallucination and actualization. Some of our luminous assemblages or productions are yet to be, others have passed, but each defies simple words and symbols. They are meant for direct sensory interface.  We urge you to experience them directly!

As mergers of concept and action, our events are magical because they are intentional. Our intention is not defined … ours is merely the intention to manifest a magical pulse and initiate a frequency. The rest is yours! The Groovy Troopers provide a context in which you can participate in co-creation, to sense life in all its beauty and awe. We urge you to defy boredom, to help co-create (with your energy) our sites of resistance, of autonomy & magic.

Each of our events is intended to function as a celebration of the pulse of life and act as a healing frequency. Our aim is to craft luminous explosions and instances of ‘explosante fixe’ that transform our disillusioned postmodern flesh in amazing flashes of energy.

We celebrate the high humour, hope and cosmic accord of those who choose to escape, to follow their hearts’ deepest desire & bound out of the state of bondage! We urge you to wanderlust with the elements, connect with auras of living creatures, dream of bright futures and move in planetary communion with the furthest stars!