5000 Years of Alien Contact

The peculiar star-lore of the ancients and contemporary panspermian theories are part of a fascination with the extraterrestrial that’s at least as old as civilisation itself.

Seeing the Beat

The audio-tactile, vibrational intensity of amplified sound attunes the body with its sense organs. Channelling the beat’s dense, strobing syncopations, production (décor, lighting, video) amplifies the audio experiences and creates a sense of being transported entirely elsewhere.


Trance parties have the potential to lift us onto the sacramental and supramental plane (Ray Castle).


Squids are the tutelary animals of the psy-trance scene. What they have to teach us is the dynamics of 3-D communication – the synergy of dance & idea.

Keeping the Music Groovy!

With its power and creative flexibility, psytrance remains the most potent of all the recent dancefloor genres. Loving its groovy attitude, psytrance takes mainstage at Trooper events … we also go to lengths to make sure that the mix stays vibrant, vital and evolutionary!

Party with a Purpose!

Conjured into being through blissful grooves, the vibe is where it’s at for the Groovy Troopers! The crucial ingredients are set and setting … but more than these, even, is the essential constituent, intention.

Recreating the Psychedelic Experience

Amazonian shamans describe their trance-like visions as a kind of visual ‘music’ made up of three dimensional images that coalesce into sound. Brahmins, Tantric practitioners, griots and alchemists describe similar synaesthetic experiences. Visually, the Groovy Troopers are intent on recreating this state of ecstatic comingling, using the best VJs, performers and graphic artists that CapeTown has to offer.