Squids are the tutelary animals of the psy-trance scene. What they have to teach us is the dynamics of 3-D communication – the synergy of dance & idea.

In a synaesthesic dance, squids weave a highly ritualized and advanced language through the manipulation of shape and colour.  In a luminous display of rapidly fluctuating pigment-bearing cells (chromatophores) they achieve a visual language that lacks all of the interpretative weaknesses of human tongues. They have instant conductors all over their bodies – the literally sing the body electric.

By means of rapid flashes, blushes, intricate arm movements and bodily pulses, squids and their cephalopod cousins (octopi and cuttlefish) achieve an ontological transformation of language.  They have no need of a conventionalized culturally reinforced dictionary.  Rather, squids, through their communicative displays, can literally see what is meant – they can experience and intuit pure intent without ambiguity.

Through dance and the psychedelic experience humans have connected with this evolved expression of linguistic intent.  Our avatars in this gnosis are the squids; they have preceded us.

Pulsing like a school of cuttlefish, the dancefloor is a zone of trans-linguistic data processing. Information rises to the surface … precise biochemical pathways become kinetically stimulated.  Movement spreads chemical information through & among dancers, feeding into a higher level of species-evolution.

In the words of Terence McKenna – RIP: “During the psychedelic experience we discover – just under the surface of human biological organization – the next level in the organization of language:  the ability to generate some kind of acoustical hologram that is manipulated by linguistic intent”.