The audio-tactile, vibrational intensity of amplified sound attunes the body with its sense organs.  Channelling the beat’s dense, strobing syncopations, production (décor, lighting, video) amplifies the audio experiences and creates a sense of being transported entirely elsewhere.

Sound is a physical audio-visual presence, an intimate pressure of beat and bass so voluptuously thick it enfolds you and permeates your nervous system.  In the presence of amplified sound and intentionally-created visual space, the gap between the ocular and the aural is closed. In this space, we begin to experience the ophthalmic hallucinations (eyelid movies and tingling sensations) that announce the presence of a new sense.

At night, the dance-floor comes alive with the flickerings, dapplings, and strobings of light that create a shadow play of fragmentary illumination. Fluorescent images, moving lights and video projections add layers onto the sonic, heightening the senses for audio-visual stimulation. VJs process graphic imagery with effects related to those used in digital sound, amplifying the sensual feedback circuit. Phasing, ghosting, filtering, flanging, looping and distorting effects in the visual spectrum intensify and mimic the sonic tweaking of DJs.

By day, the audio-visual spectrum morphs into a sea of syncopated bodies in animated cathedral.  Even in this light-filled world, sonic vibration draws the senses into invisible dimensions. As the outer eye becomes the inner eye, the body becomes part of something larger – a collective sense organ that reaches into a sacred space, suspended in time.

Audio-visual intensifications offer a mainline to the kairos, the peak experience of epiphany. As the senses overlap, we step outside ordinary space and time and begin to see the beat.