Amazonian shamans describe their trance-like visions as a kind of visual ‘music’ made up of three dimensional images that coalesce into sound. Brahmins, Tantric practitioners, griots and alchemists describe similar synaesthetic experiences.  Visually, the Groovy Troopers are intent on recreating this state of ecstatic comingling, using the best VJs, performers and graphic artists that CapeTown has to offer.

The overlapping of sound and visuals at our events aims to produce a type of psychogeography; an experience in which the visual dimension of sound is recreated so that the rhythms can be seen, touched, felt, and interacted with!  This kind of psychoactive visual experience is about recreating the ancient techniques of ecstasy in a contemporary setting. Psychoactive graphics, dancing lights, lasers and symbol laden images enhance the visual qualities of the vibration-laden music. Carried by visceral vibrations and beats, the ambit of the music is dispersed into bodies, brains and social environments.

A contemporary psytrance gathering is a neo-tribal gathering in which visual symbols and effects create a narrative in which rhythms weave and dancing channels an ancient energy. The visual dimension at a Troopers gig is aimed at inspiring a collective stomp in which ego-identity is symbolically (and literally!) dissolved into the higher wordless truth of ecstasy!

Our aim is to not only recreate the inner realm of the shaman, but to build a temple that honours the latest scientific advances that are taking us beyond ourselves! Visually, we are inspired by advances in molecular biology, quantum physics and chaos theory. In all these areas, the realms of magic and science are beginning to overlap.  These are all areas science that are shifting our ways of seeing into a vast realm of microbial and cyberspace networks. For the visual artists on the Trooper roster, these new areas of science recall the ancient caves where the first artists projected their visions.

We are still there, dancing by firelight in the caves of wonder, but we are also somewhere completely elsewhere; on the brink of a cosmic adventure into unexplored inner and outer spaces!  For the Troopers, our productions are about using mixing the latest technologies (lights, lasers and digital effects) with the older crafts of performance and paint. Our aim is to recreate the ancient shamanic fusion between dance and idea!