Conjured into being through blissful grooves, the vibe is where it’s at for the Groovy Troopers! The crucial ingredients are set and setting … but more than these, even, is the essential constituent, intention.

Intention is everything when it comes to generating a vibe! Our intent is that of the chimera, an avatar and help-meet of vitality and eternal consciousness, whose purpose is to fuse mind and body. Dancing is key to this fusion; so our principle intent is to generate a powerful sound journey. We believe that the mind is streaming particles of matter that can’t exist without a body. The body is suffused with nerves and energy fields that sing the brilliance of the universe into being.  We propose a gathering of body/mind as heterogeneous, complex, & infinitely mutable as the universe itself.  We don’t aim to be one; rather we intend to be many, interfacing with the organic matrix of the universe as we dance and celebrate the vital essence of life.  So, with a playful nudge, we offer you a chance to embrace our chimera and escape the state of bondage!

Dancing – whether at parties or more ritualised settings – has always been about opening a channel of communication between the cosmic and the human worlds. Our aim is to sweep you up in fits of ecstatic dancing and transport you through portals into fabulous other worlds! We invite you to gambol, leap and caper your way to infinite wisdom, to shed your worries, put on your dancing shoes and become portal openers!

In our excessively materialistic age, we are promoting a form of escapism that isn’t simply an indulgence but a necessity.  As energetic chimeras we invite you to experience the enchantment of dance culture at its most blissfull, spirited and purposeful.

We invite you to play and to share your life, laughter and love! Simply check yourself in at the departure lounge & prepare to be trance-ported by the Groovy vibe!