With its power and creative flexibility, psytrance remains the most potent of all the recent dancefloor genres.  Loving its groovy attitude, psytrance takes mainstage at Trooper events … we also go to lengths to make sure that the mix stays vibrant, vital and evolutionary!

While doing our bit to keep psytrance culture in motion, Trooper gigs also feature a second stage where, in the original spirit of psytrance – the Goa spirit – we feature a hybridity of electronic subgenres and beats. Playing host to a variety of infectious electronic styles, the viral lounge features the electronic styles that inspired psytrance in the first place – techno, IDM, deep-house, ambient, and psychedelic dub. For us, it’s about generating a feedback loop between chilling and partying hard and about generating some kind of flow of energy and people between the two stages.

When labels like Dragonfly, TIP and Flying Rhino first began to manufacture psytrance in the second half of the 90s, they were producing a hybrid form of high-energy ‘acid techno’  that was first pioneered on the Indian subcontinent at Goa. The Troopers also drew our inspiration from the infamous sonic experiments at Goa where, during the 80s and early 90s, international dj’s in search of samadhi were mashing-together a potent psychoactive punch of post-punk experimental electronic dance music from around the planet!

As a forum for sharing and dj-ing the most trippy beats from all four corners of the globe, Goa became the hub for a new experiment in sonic fiction! Fortunately the experiment didn’t end there. Tired with the indoor club scene, Dj’s and partygoers alike took the Goa seed from India back home with them. The idea of making electronic dance music psychoactive, and taking it into the great outdoors was born … and the rest is living psytrance history!

In honouring the originating spirit of Goa, the Troopers play host to a diversity of psytrance styles – from full-on to electro-funky, from deep and dreamy to tribal and progressive. Occasionally, we’ve lured some of the original psytrancers like Eat Static, Cosmosis, Prometheus, Logic Bomb and Koxbox to South Africa’s shores to troop the hybrid groove. Sometimes we’ve brought out shining new lights in the scene like Waio, Egorhythmia, Burn in Noise and Mad Maxx. We’ve even brought back some of South Africa’s international exports like Shane Gobi, Starspine and Rinkadink. No strangers to the night, we’ve even shown just how hard we can pump the Groove with heavyweights like Absolum and Principles of Flight!

Of course, we’ve mixed all of these international flavours together with some of the best that the local scene has to offer! We regularly hand over mainstage controls to rising local talents, some of whom, like Lost and Found, have gone on to find international fame.

For the Troopers, psytrance is definitely ‘in the mix’ – not just in the twiddling of knobs onstage, but in the mixing together of diverse influences – both aural, visual and affective. Our secret lies in our knack for mixing together music with the right kind of psychedelic impetus, and keeping the resulting mix fresh, groovy and pumping!. Find out for yourself just how powerfully its possible to Troop the Groove and exactly why the Troopers deserve a reputation as purveyors of the finest intergalactic psytrance!